Static Apnea Training for Meditation

Static Apnea for Meditation

PADI Freediving Mermaid Certified

After much anticipation I am finally certified as a PADI Freediving Mermaid. What does this mean? I am part of a small, yet growing number of certified mermaids with one of the largest underwater sports organizations in the world! I completed this program through Jewels Diver, a free diving mermaid with over 10 years ofContinue reading “PADI Freediving Mermaid Certified”

Cozumel, Mexico: “La Isla De Sirenas” (The Island of Sirens)

I arrived at Cozumel, the island of sirens. I was fascinated with how smooth my post-covid travel with United Airlines was. Not a huge fan of the plastic snack bags, but love the snacks. I get a shuttle costing me $6.00 USD to Casa Del Mar.  As I look out into the city through theContinue reading “Cozumel, Mexico: “La Isla De Sirenas” (The Island of Sirens)”