Meet the therapist in the tail:

Applied Mermaid

Registered Behavior Technician + Speech Language Pathology Assistant who is on the path to become a BCBA scientist!

Cheryl Pastrana advocates for Speech strategies + ABA principles when working with children who are on the spectrum or have a diagnosis of Autism by pulling from her therapy background and advocating simplified language and premack principle rules during everyday interactions with children with communication needs such as those who are undergoing early intervention.

This is what makes Applied Mermaid swim lessons suitable for after care program installations such as “Story Time with Che-ariel, The Orlando Mermaid” highly engaging for kids who struggle with expressive/receptive communication skills.

Applied Mermaid is offering swim lessons with a mermaid experience for kids with neurodiversity to benefit from through a communication-assisted, one on one, magical experience in the water or above the sea through story time!

Children’s Mermaid Performer + Swim Instructor for Kids with Autism
  • Advocates Expressive/ Receptive Skills through Story time + Singing with a Mermaid with a Therapy Background.
  • Uses Simplified Language such as Premack Principle during swim lesson instructions and prompt assisted interactions.
  • Builds Strength + Survival Skills with swim lessons led by an American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor.
What is Structured Play

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