Applied Mermaid Program

We Shell-O-Brate our Unique Differences!
The Applied Mermaid Program offers Children with Autism and Neurodiversity a specialized experience package to learn how to swim and celebrate that milestone that they will add into their toolkit for life!

Kids with Autism love the water!


Applied Mermaid Program Package

Seven Swim Lessons by an American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor with a mermaid summer camp graduation day package!


This course is taught by a swim instructor with a behavioral and speech therapy background that advocates for ABA principles and who has over 500+ logged hours of experience working with kids on the spectrum, autism (both verbal & non verbal), and neurodiversity.
Upon exemplifying the life saving skill of swimming in a contained pool setting, your child will go on to graduate from the Applied Mermaid Program to Shell~O-Brate at a Florida Spring during a mermaid summer camp day trip where they will encounter a mermaid and practice social skills in a Fin~Tas~Tic environment accompanied by a guardian.
Here we will take photos & videos while being immersed in Florida’s natural ecosystem above land and in shallow water and provide a “mermaid seafruit” picnic based on Florida’s natural agricultural food.
For children that know how to swim and are accompanied by a guardian:
Experience water with no chlorine at a beautiful Florida Spring during a mermaid encounter experience with The Orlando Mermaid that your little one will never forget.

For mer info please fill out our inquiry form below. Slots are limited!

We are American Red Cross Certified!


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Fill out our inquiry form with your name, contact info (guardian must be 18 years or older if enrolling a minor), along with your desired start date by following the instructions below.

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Please state whether you are interested in the Orlando Mermaid School or enrolling your child into the Applied Mermaid Program, if the class is for an (adult/child/both), the age and swim level of the participant(s) (beginner/average/strong swimmer), will this be at an (in-home pool/request pool facility), medical history that could affect the participant, and any additional information related to the course in which you are applying to or enrolling your child in.

For information on Mermaid Swim Lessons for kids and adults check out Orlando Mermaid School
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