Applied Mermaid Box


Applied Mermaid Box Comes with:

  • 1 Cape Cali mermaid fabric tail that is beginner friendly, easy to swim in, and you can embrace full mermaid mode in.
  • 1 Kiss Naturals Pharmacist Formulated Face Serum to keep that mermaid glow up.
  • Mermaid Ears for your Tail by Green Goddess Sorceress on Etsy.
  • 30 min transformative life coaching + consultation on any questions you have about mermaid fitness via the Whatsapp “How to be a Mermaid” community chat directly with me (PADI CERTIFIED MERMAID).
  • 1 LB of Exotic Mermaid Fruit. (Fruit comes as a variety or specific single featured fruit. Ex: 1 lb of Mamey.)

Get in contact with us for tail customization (catalogue sizes, colors, and upgrades such as including a top), and to begin a transformative Applied Mermaid Life coaching Consultation on “How to Become a Mermaid”. You can also see what fruit we have in season to include in your Applied Mermaid Box.



Mermaid Starter Kit
Mermaid Tail, Mermaid Skincare Beauty Routine, and Mermaid fruit at your doorstep.


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