Snotty Mermaid

Although being a mermaid advocates for self awareness, self regulation, and self care on every level of the individual, it is not always a fabulous world. Especially up above the sea where what we do affects us down there. Underwater sports and fitness takes discipline. In the mermaid sports world it takes it a stepContinue reading “Snotty Mermaid”

Static Apnea Training for Meditation

Static Apnea for Meditation

ABA Path: Welcome to The path to RBT📊 BCABA📉BCBA📈

With all the chaos that has been bestowed upon us at the very start of the 2021 New Year, I am thankful that 01-11-2021 launches the path to #rbt📊#bcaba📉#bcba📈 as I commence my graduate program in Applied Behavior Analysis at @floridatechonline Lennon Grey 🐱 is happy about this too because she gets to cuddle alongside me asContinue reading “ABA Path: Welcome to The path to RBT📊 BCABA📉BCBA📈”