Mermaids are Real

Water to us is like our second womb. When we are immersed in water we immediately feel a sense of inner peace and healing. Holding our breath underwater is a mediational process and discipline. Mermaids are real through an applied mermaid approach and that begins with a mentality. Ask yourself where you are in yourContinue reading “Mermaids are Real”

Mermaid Model

There is nothing wrong with some good ol’ modeling but Applied Mermaid is so much more than that. It’s the ability to collaborate with community, give back to the environment, and help people undergo a transformational process through learning. In fact, I would view Applied Mermaid as being a model for the world. I AMContinue reading “Mermaid Model”

Snotty Mermaid

Although being a mermaid advocates for self awareness, self regulation, and self care on every level of the individual, it is not always a fabulous world. Especially up above the sea where what we do affects us down there. Underwater sports and fitness takes discipline. In the mermaid sports world it takes it a stepContinue reading “Snotty Mermaid”

PADI Freediving Mermaid Certified

After much anticipation I am finally certified as a PADI Freediving Mermaid. What does this mean? I am part of a small, yet growing number of certified mermaids with one of the largest underwater sports organizations in the world! I completed this program through Jewels Diver, a free diving mermaid with over 10 years ofContinue reading “PADI Freediving Mermaid Certified”

Cozumel, Mexico: “La Isla De Sirenas” (The Island of Sirens)

I arrived at Cozumel, the island of sirens. I was fascinated with how smooth my post-covid travel with United Airlines was. Not a huge fan of the plastic snack bags, but love the snacks. I get a shuttle costing me $6.00 USD to Casa Del Mar.  As I look out into the city through theContinue reading “Cozumel, Mexico: “La Isla De Sirenas” (The Island of Sirens)”