Invite The Orlando Mermaid – Children’s Performer!

Shello! I’m Cheariel, The Orlando Mermaid

Invite The Orlando Mermaid for an Immersive Children’s Sing along and Story Time about Central Florida’s Springs & Waterways through an Imaginary “Tail” you won’t be “Shore” to miss!

We can bring the Fun, Tail, and Bubblez to your kiddoz through a real life mermaid experience with no water needed!

Meet The Therapist in the Tail

As a performer with a behavioral and speech therapy background in grad school to become a behavior analyst I decided to take my performance skills into the After Care, Day Care, and Clinical setting to help enrich their main audience’s experience, the kiddoz! 

Having a therapy background helps me interact with all children, including kids with Autism & Neurodiversity through an educational, meaningful & magical way! 

Show Schedule (60 minutes)

Intro (15m) Transformation Time  “Shello, I’m Cheariel, The Orlando Mermaid.” Kids get their questions answered by a real life mermaid by seeing the Orlando Mermaid transform right before their eyes under a magical quilt held together by the magical hands of the kiddoz it touches!

Story Sing Along with The Orlando Mermaid! (15m) – A book that targets WH questions, weather, animals, numbers, you name it and gets the kids singing and learning about Florida Springs Ecosystem and Waterways and the Ocean at bay.  

The Hopping Mermaid Dance (15m) – Gross Motor Skills at its finest while modeling how to hop in my mermaid tail through an interactive dance play with “The Orlando Mermaid” leading her new little guppy friends along!  

“You can call me on my Shell Phone” Goodbye for Now Song (15m) – We will end with a song, hugs, group photo, and a reminder on how to reach “The Orlando Mermaid” on her “Shell Phone” when she is missed.

For questions related to bookings please email or contact us!

Hope to “Sea” you soon Fishie Friends!

Cheryl Pastrana RBT, SLPA

“The Orlando Mermaid” (Children’s Performer) 

Founder of Applied Mermaid 



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